Celebrating Beijing Odyssey Chemicals Co., Ltd. won in high-tech enterprise certification successfully, and was awarded the title of high-tech enterprise of Beijing sequentially.
  又称电子化工材料。一般泛指电子工业使用的专用化工材料,即电子元器件、印刷线路板、工业及消费类整机生产和包装用各种化学品及材料。按用途可分成基板、光致抗蚀剂、电镀化学品、封装材料、高纯试剂、特种气体、溶剂、清洗前掺杂剂、焊剂掩模、酸及腐蚀剂、电子专用胶黏剂及辅助材料等大类。电子化学品具有品种多、质量要求高、用量小、对环境洁净度要求苛刻、产品更新换代快、资金投入量大、产品附加值较高等特点,这些特点随着微细加工技术的发展越来愈明显。   最初指用煤焦油或石油产品为原料合成香料、染料、树脂、药物、增塑剂、橡胶促进剂等化工产品的过程中,生产出的中间产物。现泛指有机合成过程中得到的各种中间产物。药品生产需要大量的特殊化学品,这些化学品原来大多由医药行业自行生产,但随着社会分工的深入与生产技术的进步,医药行业将一些医药中间体转交化工企业生产。医药中间体属精细化工产品,生产医药中间体目前已成为国际化工界的一大产业。   一类能提高纤维织物和纸张等白度的有机化合物。又称光学增白剂、荧光增白剂。织物等常常由于含有色杂质而呈黄色,过去都采用化学漂白的方法进行脱色,现在采用在制品中添加增白剂的办法。其作用是把制品吸收的不可见的紫外线辐射转变成紫蓝色的荧光辐射,与原有的黄光辐射互为补色成为白光,提高产品在日光下的白度。增白剂已经广泛应用在纺织、造纸、洗衣粉、肥皂、橡胶、塑料、颜料和油漆等方面。
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  1.R & D Center was established in 1994.
2.The production line of CBS-127 put into operation in 1995.
3.Company invested RMB 100 million to introduce foreign advanced testing equipment, the Science and Technology Laboratory was establishment in Apr. 1998.
4.Our products were exported to international markets; they were recognized and praised by international experts in Nov, 1998.
5.Our company become a business partner of Ciba in Jun 2000.
6.Cooperated with the institute of college of Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai to develop new products.
7.Our company developed a new series of Fluorescent Brighteners SP.
8.The Joint Laboratory between Odyssey Chemical Company and Peking University was established on 19 Sep at the Peking University.
  The latest products
·CBS-X (CI 351)     OB (CI 184)
·OB-1 (CI 393)    ·KCB (CI 367)
·CBS-127 (CI 378)   ·KSN (CI 368)
  1.The products were widely used in the plastics industry in Apr,2000.
2.The products were recognized and praised by international experts in Oct, 2000.
3.The products have been recognized by customers and used in the field of paint and masterbatch widely.
     Being founded in 1992 and approved by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Odyssey Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that mainly researches, manufactures, and markets fluorescent brighteners, pharmaceutical intermediates, and electronic chemicals. In the 100 kinds or more of fine chemical products produced by the company, three have received the certificates for national key new products, and 10 received the new products certificates issues by Beijing Municipal New Technology Industrial Development Experimental Zone. Those products have been widely used in pharmaceuticals, reagents, plastics additives, and integrated circuits, etc., and exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Europe, South America, and the Arabic Area. In 2007, the total sales of the company had reached 180 million Yuan, while the profits and taxes reached 36 million Yuan...  

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